Me Versus My Subconscious: Twenty Eight


Be honest when you answer this question: do you listen to other people’s dreams or do you space out? If you answered ‘space out’ is it because of the storytelling or lack of visual aides? poet Jd Winslow treads the dreamworld as best as Luis Buñuel, William S. Burroughs, and even Fredrick Fellini could.


I’m at some sort of conference. I’m watching a video called “How To Be In Love”. There is a man in a strait jacket. He is having a banana shoved in his mouth then being kissed. He is having the face of a dead man put on his then being kissed. He is being kissed by another man and neither of them…

Lit Gossip on Me Versus My Subconscious, I’m more than a little happy about this.

Me Versus My Subconscious: Twenty Eight


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