Low (Yet Another Extract)

I am in a stylish shop and waiting for you and you are going to be about 10 minutes late and in those 10 minutes I am at high risk of a Phsh attack. They strike in dead time. I am in an all white shop in a dead 10 minutes with a predefined, now obsolete, function. It is dead time and I try on some jeans and they don’t really fit. I try on some jeans and I tell you a joke and you fall in love with me and obviously I don’t how long it is for you because you are approx. 7kg lighter than me and you are sitting down. I am in the shop for maybe 20 minutes and we have a conversation that is definitely superfluous to the fairly basic vocals required for this transaction. You ask me if the waist is alright and I wonder if you are implying that you know I am heavier than you and if Phsh are flowing from the point of high temporal pressure around me to the lower area around you. I wonder if you are slowly being shut out. Serves you right for your white cube shop. Someone has spent a lot of time decorating this shop so it looks like it hasn’t been decorated. I am getting changed in the changing room and I am very aware that I am nearly naked and it is just the two of us. I am aware the I had a jawline and told you a joke all at once. I am aware that the lighting is not flattering and that I could see each asteroid crater of teenage angst in your skin. I am aware the grease on my nose was probably shining above you, a great beacon of broke.


Poetry by Emily Dickinson: Me, Marilyn and Feeling Sad.


I am naked and feeling sad and vulnerable
I’m nude so electrocute me
here’s a pic of me
it’s real!
it’s real!

(a very disconcerting experience)
can you stop?
can you stop?
don’t- baby, just. no. please

electrocute me
Marilyn Monroe

poets are useless

18 sorry attempts…                      

A scintillating poem by me is up at the quite frankly fantastic Poetry By Emily Dickinson. It features Marilyn Monroe and many mentions of me naked. Sexy.

Poetry by Emily Dickinson: Me, Marilyn and Feeling Sad.

Low (Another Extract)

Imagine the universe is a flat rubber sheet. Imagine the universe is a flat rubber sheet stretched out on an old picture frame. You take a bowling ball and place it on the sheet. That is the sun. You take a golf ball and put it on the sheet. It will roll towards the sun. It will however stop on the slope towards the bowling ball and form its own little indentation in the gradient towards the bowling ball. Remove both balls but keep the twin indentations. Pour water over the sheet. Water is time. Water is time and you get more time the bigger you are. Put a grain of sand in the indentation formed by the golf ball. This is you. We accrue time. Fat people do not die young. They just accrue more time. Imagine a fat person and a thin person standing on the rubber sheet then pour water on the rubber sheet. Who has more water? Who do you want to be? Don’t participate in this experiment yourself, your feet will get wet.


Poetry by Emily Dickinson: My Jawline Is Bleeding


A Happening is happening.
to put the finger right on you
like the spectre of death

I am not afraid to remember my youth
#holyshit !
My jawline is bleeding

My jawline is bleeding
It’s an effort to shave
my face is so angular and well defined
that I struggle to shave.
enjoy my ideal…

This was a collaborative effort between me and the lovely Mark Thomas Stevenson as part of the phenomenal new project Poetry By Emily Dickinson. Oh and the jawline in question is my own so it’s pretty emotional stuff.

Poetry by Emily Dickinson: My Jawline Is Bleeding