Photos via Red Newsom of Manchester book launch for Everything’s Fine by Socrates Adams-Florou: Socrates himself; Socrates with Ben Brooks; Soc with Crispin Best; Soc with Omar De Col; Vicki Tingle with glasses; Omar with glasses; Mark Thomas Stevenson and J.D.A. Winslow.

I had fun, stole pizza. More details to follow.


Tragedy was dope too, in a lyrical way. A man walks into a barbers and says,

“I want to look like James Dean”

“Haha. Dude. Awesome”

“Yeh man, just watched Rebel Without a Cause”

“Haha man. So like, just a quiff right? Yeh?”

“Yeh man”.

James Dean walks out of the barber shop and goes to the cash machine. James Dean doesn’t really carry cash around and the barbers doesn’t take card. James Dean is pretty sad. He is too sad to be rebellious anymore more. He wants to star in a new film called “Apathetic About a Cause”. James Dean thinks to himself that his haircut emphasises the inherent absurdity of existence. “Existing Without a Cause”. James laughs slightly at himself. It is windy outside and James loses his quiff. His hair kind of collapses and so does he. James walks back into the barbers. The barber he was briefly so friendly with looks shamefacedly at James’ collapsed hair. James hopes the barber understands he has also collapsed inside. James walks home and makes himself a cup of tea. As he walks home he thinks to himself “Rebel Without A Horse” but doesn’t laugh at all.