Meteorologists—at least one of whom confessed having been “sleeping on the job” due to months, “what seems like years” of mild weather conditions—are now reporting a category-2 shitstorm brewing in the comments thread of a image macro posted on Facebook by one “Hazel Cummings,” featuring, sources are reporting, the “devilishly handsome” visage of one Ben Brooks, author of Grow Up and others.

Shitstorm Cummings, as it has been officially dubbed, has included the participation of such humans as Crispin Best, J.D.A. “Jayda Pinkett” Winslow, Vicki Tingle, and Pop Serial’s own Stephen “STD” Tully Dierks, engaging with the instigator, Hazel Cummings, in a “spirited,” some say—(others, “dumb-ass waste-of-time”)—debate re Cummings’ ongoing parodic-macro-based, highly negative criticism of Steve Roggenbuck, Internet Poetry, “internet poetry,” Pop Serial, and [other things/persons toxic to the well-being of the internet literature scene at-large].

As of press time, the thread is at 170 comments, although one metereologist, when pressed for a prediction, said, in a hushed, halting voice: “I’m not sure we’ve seen the worst of it. I’m…just not sure…” We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

I won this by the way.


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