Sorry Bjork

Sorry Bjork
but I have fallen in love with you
your singing was kind of weird
we were in a pub at a time.

(Actually its a pretty sad one.)

You were just excreting
the soul of the bird
oh Bjork
I think I love
sorry Bjork

I like you
I like really like you
(you were just excreting the soul of a bird)

Bjork baby

sigur ros keeps on coming on our dates
they get kind of annoying
being quirky in the background.

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this
but this has to be the most beautiful song ever written

Bjork baby
every time I go to kiss you they start playing that

never mind
you are alive and have a heart.

God, how many times do I have to see Bjork naked?
I feel like I can relate but really I have no idea what they’re saying

very beautiful song
very very beautiful song
every living thing

I may not have a clue what you are ever saying
I have to see Bjork naked
I can only say ”thanks’.