Text Messages From Heaven

Aliens most probably do exist. For all we know that’s what angels are

I’ve had two people tell me that the bible says that there aren’t aliens even though, as I’ve pointed out, it doesn’t specifically say that. I’ve even pointed out sections that say that “in the end times he will call the elect from the ends of the heavens” which means either:
1) human colonies will be in space or
2) there are aliens out there.

People say “if they existed, they would be mentioned in the bible”. I try to tell them “it doesn’t say anything about advanced physics, or even electricity, but they exist.” but people don’t listen.

I was advised to send my Djinn somewhere unpleasant and find a new one. He had threatened me, then tried to cover it up when he was drunk. I think my folly, even as an experienced magickian, is in thinking that I could control the Djinn. I think I wanted to prove to my family that Djinn are real. And they found out, yes, they are. Regardless I really haven’t been sleeping well. I have been making regular visit to my local god (he still lives on top of the lamppost) as you advised.

“I mean you do need to acknowledge…” I say to god (he is a particularly fetching shade of cyan today), “…you do need to acknowledge that throughout history there have always been stories and legends of Demons and monsters visiting us in the dark of the night. Dreams turning to nightmares as we lay our heads down to sleep. As the shadows form, and the moon slides down the sky, we awaken to find that we cannot breath.”

He laughs. “Yeh, you’re right mate”

“Good thing I’m not fucking sleeping then.”


“The earliest experience with the demonic that I can remember is when I was about eleven. I was in bed one night trying to go to sleep. When I felt something grab my foot from the end of the bed. My eyes popped open and there was nothing there“

“I think you need to build on your trust issues. What happened next?”

“Well of course I was covered in sweat, of course at this point I had never opened my eyes.”

“Yeh, look, don’t worry, it’s just the spiritual warfare between demonic and angelic spirits, the battle between good and evil, that spills onto the worldly plain for anyone to see that is willing to look.”



He turns gravity down, I float off, and yes I could actually see.


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