MCST 294-03: Syllabus


This is the syllabus for a course I’m teaching this fall at Macalester College. The course will look at the Internet and society through various lenses (sociological, psychological, economic, aesthetic), with a particular focus on how the Internet is changing our relationship with the written word.

Each week, each student will be asked to familiarize himself/herself with a designated website (for example: Feministing, Internet Poetry, Favstar) and to post on the course Tumblr making some sort of comment about the site. There will also be assigned readings that range from psychological studies of media effects to an Emily Gould essay to a Steve Roggenbuck video to fiction and poetry by authors including Megan Boyle and Marie Calloway. I hope you’ll follow the blog and join the conversation.


New Media and the Written Word
MCST 294-03, Fall 2012

Instructor: Jay Gabler

For much of the 20th century, new media—from motion pictures to radio to television to computers—were thought to be antithetical to the written word, harbingers of the demise…

Course being taught at Macalester College which includes mine and Stephanie Cook’s ebook ‘Love Gmails’ as assigned reading.

MCST 294-03: Syllabus


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