So the deadline’s been and gone and we were inundated with some brilliant submissions – and we want to thank everyone that sent in work.

All the work we have received will be put on the website but after much deliberation and in no particular order here is our selection:

Ainsley Bowman, Anna Gibb, Amy Boulton, Dickie Webb, Eva Lerche Lerchenborg, Jesse Stoddard, Joe Harvey, Lydia Honeybone, Ollie Benton, Raffaella Buck, Ryan Miller, Sarah Hayes, Theo Cleary, Rebecca Howard, Billy Holmes, Hannah Edward, Louisa Harper Charles, Hannah Killoh, Yaz Norris, Will Corner, J D A Winslow, Geraldine Snell and Debbie Cheung.

Issue 3 of Postal will be released on the 25th October and we will be having another another little party at the Wee Red to celebrate. So we look forward to seeing you all there.

With Love. The Postal Team.


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