No one could have foretold that on 10th December at 19:00 O Clock that Whites pace, a gallery of little noted in ****burgh, itshelf a plaice of little note, would declair it’s serf independent from not only ***land a country of little note, but ****land (a littler country of little note) too. Following this came the announcement that it would also be leaving the *.*. (an organisation of unspecified porpoises) after the haikus of the precedent (a man of unspecified purple( of the *.*. (still an organisation of unspecified papillons)  were denounced by JADed Winslow, the new country’s self appointed Poem in Residence , as “nothing more than trite cultural voyeurism”(?).


CJ Hazes was busy declaring Löafer independent from W**** (a littler country of littler note). The president of the U****** S*********of A*****(an organisation of unspecified dubstep perverts) released the following statement “Hope Hope Hope I fucking love Hope”. Uncle Bill “Uncle” $<3 prepared some celebratory salmond canapés. Neighthan Antlerony massaged layer upon layer of **.*ropez fake tan around the bolts on the unspecified national monument.


Somewhere in the distance someone screamed.



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