Brainstorms & Bylines

Do you ever get tired of the “once upon a time” to “happily ever after (or not)” narrative flow? Back in November, I posted this writing assignment about nonlinear stories. I still love nonlinear stories, but I also love tales that abandon traditional narrative all together. Last week, I was catching up on some reading and I ran across a lovely bit of storytelling accomplished via a poetic list of breakfasts written by JDA Winslow on Thought Catalog.

In the post, Winslow conducts the reader on a journey through events of the character’s life using breakfast as a simple touchstone during each phase. Whenever I read something like this it makes my brain itch to try to write something using a similar approach. So this weekend our assignment is to compile a list of things which can substitute as a narrative. The list can be autobiographical or fictional, your…

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