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Sex, lists and footnotes are a good summarisation of J. D. Winslow’s short story, ‘Hot Date with Cute Girl’. Opening with the hard hitting ‘I’m watching a kids’ sci-fi program with my dick in a peanut butter jar’, Winslow refuses to pull punches. As the narrative worms it way through the events that occur pre-dick damage we grow accustomed to the extremely confident, anal, and arguably narcissistic narrator, whose capitalisation of ‘Serious’ and ‘Committed’, insertion of untranslated Polish, bold use of lists and copious footnotes combine to form a style that dances between the intellectual, experimental and hipster/bohemianism. ‘Hot Date with a Cute Girl’ is rich in style but light in plot – though perhaps this is the point. If Winslow was seeking to represent the life of Millennial metrosexuals then he’s been remarkably successful; as the flat finale mirrors the shallowness of the self-centred narrator – though it leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

From Hayden Wistfold-Bell at Sabotage Reviews, accurately discussing my contribution to Lighthouse #3, available to buy here.